Project Engineer / Manager

Since 1997, Derby has worked on various projects for Rando Productions joining us in 2004 as our lead project manager & engineer.  He is a hands-on and creative, project engineering manager with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Santa Barbara and has vast experience with themed entertainment projects around the world taking them from concept through commissioning.

He is a strong project team leader skilled at working with all levels of management and staff both within and outside an organization.  Derby’s expertise ranges from in-depth knowledge of mechanical, flame, and atmospheric special effects to negotiating with foreign governments on logistics and approvals.

For the past 20 years, Derby has acquired significant Universal Studios experience as an employee, through sub-contractors, and as a consultant.  He played a significant role on all major Universal projects at its theme parks worldwide including Universal Studios Singapore, Dubailand, Japan, Spain, Florida, and Hollywood and was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets.