If you need equipment for applications such as mock-ups and proof of concepts, rent it from Rando.   Rando will even rent you Hollywood’s only portable, modular “ocean” – a tank made of a customized steel truss bolted together, holding a massive liner filled with water like an infinity pool.  An ocean that can vary in size and depth, it’s portable, it’s modular and the tank can be agitated to create the effects of a storm-tossed sea or lake.


  • Custom equipment fabrication
  • Turntable, rolling room, multi-axes robotic lift
  • Multi-configuration automated video wall
  • Configurable camera rigs , Navigator™ Control Systems
  • Pumps, heavy trusses, tanks, heavy motors
  • Tanks, Pumps
  • Video Walls
  • Winches, hydraulic and electronic lifts
  • Fountain and water effects mock-up packages
  • LN2 and various fog effects
  • Variable speed rigging