Who we are

Rando Productions is the brainchild of inspired engineer, Joe Rando.  It’s a free-wheeling yet disciplined crew of visionary thinkers whose minds invent solutions to complex mechanical challenges before their second cup of coffee. Engineering is our passion: we live, eat, breathe and extrusion mold it.  We’re a team of inspired designers, highly skilled fabricators, craftsmen, and A-list artists. With creativity as our holy grail, Rando has been producing one-of-a-kind complex engineered systems since 1983. Our clients include the film and music industries; world-class theme parks; major advertising and event agencies; renowned museums and traveling exhibitions.

Our diverse cliental all have one thing in common; they want their projects to have the “WOW” factor.  The Rando team brings bold visions to life by unleashing free-form creativity and imaginative decision making in an engineering environment.

This is the world we work in.